Hydronic Heating Factory

How to Save Thousands on Hydronic Heating

So you’ve made up your mind on installing a hydronic heating system in your home. Now you would like to know, “How you can save thousands”.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Choose Your System
  2. Arrange Payment and Pick Up
  3. Install Your Package
  4. We’ll Help You Finish

Whether you are building a new house or you are retrofitting your existing home, Hydronic Heating Factory makes it easy for you. By following our 4 easy steps you can install your hydronic heating system with your plumber and you will save thousands off the price of a full installation! And if your plumber needs help? They can call us for free advice! We sign and certify all our systems.

Complete System

Our complete system comes with 7 hydronic panel radiators, 1 hydronic towel rail and a 24KW Baxi boiler – with the option of upgrading to a condensing boiler* and piping.


FREE Site Inspection

Hydronic Heating Factory offers a free site inspection to any location in the Melbourne metro region to help size and choose the best system for your home. We can also provide you with a boiler installation service*.

We also stock a large selection of hydronic system products, including:

  • heated towel rails;
  • boilers; and
  • slab heating piping and manifolds.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving thousands with the Hydronic Heating Factory now.


*Terms and conditions apply.